Welcome to Authentic Bliss' blog

Hello and welcome to our all new blog. Sit back relax with a cuppa in your favorite mug and let us do the talking whilst we take a 'reflective 5'. We have made this first blog a quick read for you to get a taster of what's to come, be sure to join as a member on our website and follow our Instagram to receive notifications on when we are posting a new blog.

market of clay pots

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Leanne and Hannah, we decided to collaborate after realising we look at the world in a very similar way. We are creators, Leanne loves to mix lotions and potions whilst Hannah has a passion for photography. We love to learn and explore each others interests and want to share some of that with you too. We start our day off with an affirmation and therefore feel its only natural for you to start this blog with one too.


"I trust that my powerful intentions combined with my faith are enough to allow my vision to become my reality"

Our journey

After talking for months and months about well-being we came up with a small list of things that boost our moods. When people say 'its the small things in life' they really are telling the truth. We spend each and every day worrying about the bigger things in life "what career is right for me?" "am I doing what i really want to do?" and that's just a couple of examples of the things we question ourselves all the time. So how do we help reduce the stress and anxiety we carry with us? well, we don't have the answer to that question, but we can help ourselves by thinking about the next 5 minutes, if we start thinking 'what can I do in the next 5 minutes to look after myself?' these big questions seem a little less big even if that is just for 5 minutes. Wax melts meant more to us because its a simple task and something easy, light a candle and choose a scent you love, if that brings you 5 minutes of joy, we have completed our mission. We look to keep finding things that are easy to do and will allow you to take 5 we will share them on or blog and find products we can add to our business.

Be creative, Be bold, Be brave.

Judgement is something we fear everyday and its so easy to read or listen to someone telling you to keep doing what you love doing, but nothing will prepare you for the negativity that gets thrown at you. Building our business has been our way of simply saying "who cares?!". We do not live our lives for other people, otherwise what's the point? We don't get self-gratification when we live for others, so ladies and gentlemen, today we pride ourselves in telling you to do something someone told you not to do and be happy with yourself for doing it. Now just to side note, nothing dangerous but something to say "I am me and I empower myself to live how want to". For example, today we went to a yoga class instead of staying at home tidying to please other people and we felt so good for going!

There's only one you on this planet, and you are the only thing that understands your well-being.

This is our cosy corner that we have created, it is safe and positive. We always encourage feedback and would be grateful if you would be so kind to write feedback.

Get Involved

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