This oil helps you get away with the fairies! With such a beautiful scent, this is a perfect floral scent to fill your home. Simply add boiling water to your oil burner and add 8-10 drops of the oil add a tealight to the base of your burner to keep the scent flowing. Do not allow the water to burn fully ensure you leave a little water left when you blow out your tealight.

Fairy Mist Fragrance Oil

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  • Dipropylene glycol, Vanillin, Musk Ketone, Tetra Hydro para Methyl Quiniline, Iso Damascone, Phenyl Acetaldehyd, Patchouli oil, Methyl ionone gamma, Lyral, Hedione, Ylang oil, Ionone alpha, Baccdanol, Geranyl formate, Geranyl ex palma rosa, linalool, Gernium oil, Phenyl ethyl alcohol, benzyl acetate, citronellol, Greniol. 

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