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Let us help you take 5.

This is your space to find a cosy corner with a cup of tea in your favourite mug (our personal faves being our koala and elephant mugs!). 

We hope you enjoy this creative space where we write about all topics that are hot in conversation. 

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Why a blog?

Okay so after the year we have all been through, we thought is was as good of a time as ever to do something different and creative as well as something we believe to help people to take 5. This is a phrase you'll hear a lot here as we think it is extremely important to ensure we all take time for ourselves but we understand that it can be hard to have time to yourself, however, we believe 5 minutes is something we can all manage.


I find it so difficult to pick up a book and find time to read it even though it is something I have always told myself I should do. My favourite genres are  chick-flicks and romance. I love being able to get out of reality and open myself out into another story. I fell in love with Louise Pentland's 'Wilde like me' books; they are empowering.


I, like Leanne, have always found it hard to pick up a book and start reading, I have always been able to find something else to do or prioritise something else. I am a sucker for a rom com, chick flick as I feel I can relate so much to the characters. Sophie Kinsella is my favourite author at the moment with Remember Me? being my favourite book of hers so far.